Since 1954 Quality Metal Stamping & Quality Tool Co. has provided close tolerance sheet metal stamping tools for various industries. Responding to customer needs, we’ve evolved to include the highest quality stamping and assembly capabilities as a second tier manufacturing partner. We are a team of experienced people dedicated to continuously improving our processes to achieve the goal of zero defects and 100% on time delivery.


We take pride in providing our customers with cost saving manufacturing solutions.

Our ingenuity led us to develop our hallmark blank and shave process. It eliminates the need for broaching, machining, and fine blanking – enhancing quality while offering considerable cost savings.

We’re equipped with the latest press equipment to reliably manufacture specialized close tolerance metal stampings such as emergency brakes, sectors, pawls, tailgate latches, and seat lock bars. Our capacities go up to 400 tons with coil feeding capabilities.


Quality is more than our name, it’s a commitment embraced throughout our company. QS9000 certification has strengthened our process capabilities to hold extremely close tolerances. Our state-of-the-art Brown & Sharp CMM with PCDMIS software allows us to exchange inspection programs with our customers, eliminating inspection variances.


But we haven’t stopped at stamping and tooling; we can also assemble. Our welding, staking and riveting equipment can provide latches, hood hinge assemblies, and components to our automotive customers. We’ve also partnered with quality-conscious painting, plating, deburring and heat treat vendors to add further value to our finished assemblies.


The foundation of our stamping business is the tool room. From simple low volume blank dies to complex progressive tools, we pride ourselves on our ability to produce all types of tooling. Quality Tool Company has been building dies and fixtures since 1954. Over the years we have remained dedicated to developing the quality of our people.

Our in house apprenticeship program has started many careers in the skilled trades. Some of whom have spent their entire careers with us. Complementing our best assets—our people—is a state-of-the-art wire EDM machine and supporting equipment. This combination of quality people and equipment make it possible to provide our customers with a full service tool room to properly build and maintain their production tooling.